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According to Tony Goodwin, CEO of global recruitment firm Antal International, UK recruitment agencies need to learn that “London isn’t the centre of the recruitment universe”. His message rings truer than ever at a point in time when UK recruitment agencies are struggling to find enough work to offer job seekers at home. Looking beyond […]

Leaders in international business have revealed that the ideal global executive would be female, single and in their late twenties or early thirties. Although employers are not able to assess candidates according to gender, age or marital status, international assignees fitting this profile have proven to be the most successful, according to a study by […]

As far as future recruitment trends go, it would appear that the use of professional social media platforms is increasing. The 2013 LinkedIn survey of global recruitment trends revealed that increasing numbers of employers are jumping on the social media bandwagon to seek employees, suggesting that who you know is indeed becoming just as important […]

A fall in hiring has impacted global recruitment firms. Dividends are static and short interest is on the rise, especially amongst Internet specialist recruiters. Unemployment in the U.S. has stayed above eight percent since 2009 and fewer jobs than anticipated were added in the last four months, according to U.S. Labour Department figures. Bloomberg reports the […]

As the crisis continues, an increasing number of UK businesses are looking to expand internationally. However, according to a recent Aviva UK study, companies are finding it difficult to offer appropriate benefits packages to their increased number of overseas staff. Teresa Rogers, business lead, Aviva UK Health says, “Relocation is not an easy task and staff […]

The number one social media network for recruiters is LinkedIn. Twitter is well behind LinkedIn in terms of recruitment, but is a shift about to occur? A global report of the market shows that Twitter followers are three times more likely to respond to job offers than through LinkedIn. The report from Bullhorn, a web-based recruitment […]

The 2012 Olympic Games in London are expected to have a positive impact on employer hiring. According to the recent Manpower Employment Outlook Survey, businesses in the British capital are planning to increase staff levels before the beginning of the Olympics. Although many of the offered jobs would be temporary, the effect of the Olympic Games […]

The Netherlands is predicted to suffer a shortage of 60,000 skilled workers by 2014. Less and less Dutch youngsters opt for technical courses, and many skilled workers retire in the coming years.  Linda Groener from Together Abroad, a job portal for skilled internationals, explains how technical industries in Holland can attract skilled workers from abroad. […]

A recent issue of The Economist had a picture of a blazing euro-shaped comet on the cover, with big block text asking: IS IT THE END? But when it comes to global hiring, things aren’t quite so grim. Antal International’s most recent Global Snapshot Survey actually found hiring levels above where they were this summer. […]

Singapore could lose its status as a top expat destination as companies become less willing to pay out generous compensation packages. Till now the country has consistently been rated one of the top destinations for expatriates. In fact, in 2010 HSBC’s Expat Explorer Survey ranked it #1 in the world. This year, however, Singapore didn’t […]

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