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The second decade of this century is more than ever before dominated by international markets and globalisation. The time when the image of going abroad was connected to 18 year old secondary school graduates backpacking Down Under seems to be outdated. Of course they still exist, but working abroad in 2012 has reached another level. […]

About 12 million people living in Germany were born in another country. Germany is considered a country of immigration and more and more foreigners aim to live and work in Germany. The country will face an extreme skill shortage in the upcoming years due to its ageing population, so the government decided to attract workers […]

Expat families, a typical occurrence these days. Mum or dad goes abroad for work and the entire family joins them. A new life together in a foreign country. Family is important, and it is no surprise that very often family is a major factor when deciding whether to accept an overseas assignment. According to a recent study by […]

An increasing number of employees are moving abroad for short-term assignments according to a new report by Mercer, a global human resources consultancy. This upsurge in global labour mobility stems from increasing pressure on companies to recruit and retain high-performers. In addition, companies are also looking overseas to satisfy the ever-growing skill shortages in key […]

  Last year Hong Kong saw a record number of work visas issued to foreign nationals, with British and Americans employees representing the biggest growth nationalities. Britain’s history with Hong Kong and its larger base of English speakers can account for some of its attraction, but the situation in East Asia is more complicated than […]

For expatriates worldwide, employment and job opportunities are often the reason for moving abroad. For many expats this leads to a trailing spouse or partner that must displace themselves. Contrary to what your company may say, the experience of moving to a new country, sometimes using a new language, is certainly at first, a very […]

Indians are the most globally mobile of any nationality, followed by Brazilians and Chinese. So found HR consultant Ma Foi Randstad‘s latest global Work Monitor survey. The results prove a change in the world’s expat workforce favoring the so-called BRIC countries.

The average salary in the Middle East’s real estate sector has fallen only 1% in the last year, from Dhs 38,351 to Dhs 37,965. The results were obtained as part of the Middle East Salary Survey conducted by the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) and Cityscape Connect. It was commissioned by property recruitment consultancy […]

Multinationals are preparing Indian staff for larger global roles, wrote Writankar Mukherjee in The Economic Times, with many companies starting “mentoring” programs to help train promising candidates for leadership positions. This could well be the start of a tectonic shift from India’s popular image as a low-cost outsourcing destination. Both Panasonic and Nokia have invested […]

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