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The second decade of this century is more than ever before dominated by international markets and globalisation. The time when the image of going abroad was connected to 18 year old secondary school graduates backpacking Down Under seems to be outdated. Of course they still exist, but working abroad in 2012 has reached another level. […]

According to Tony Goodwin, CEO of global recruitment firm Antal International, UK recruitment agencies need to learn that “London isn’t the centre of the recruitment universe”. His message rings truer than ever at a point in time when UK recruitment agencies are struggling to find enough work to offer job seekers at home. Looking beyond […]

A recent issue of The Economist had a picture of a blazing euro-shaped comet on the cover, with big block text asking: IS IT THE END? But when it comes to global hiring, things aren’t quite so grim. Antal International’s most recent Global Snapshot Survey actually found hiring levels above where they were this summer. […]

Norway’s oil and gas industry will need 220,000 new workers in the next three years to help meet rising demand, according to a story in the Nordic Labour Journal. The majority of these workers are expected to come from abroad. As such, the Oslo Chamber of Commerce, Norwegian Business School (NBI) and intercultural consulting firm […]

Dublin-based software firm TEKenable announced the launch of a specialist recruiting agency, TEKpeople, to mitigate what it sees as a shortage of qualified IT professionals in the Irish market. Kira Gusakova, a principal consultant for TEKpeople, said: TEKpeople was set up to address a need in the market we have identified many times: the lack […]

KPMG’s member firms will hire approximately 75,000 campus graduates worldwide over the next three years, a 25% increase in the firm’s historical on-campus resourcing target. In doing so it will place special emphasis on the Asia Pacific region. The global member firm network has identified a need to bring approximately 250,000 new hires on board. […]

Employers are still under pressure to cut expenses for expat assignments, according to Brookfield Global Relocation Services‘ 2011 Global Relocation Trends Survey. 75% of companies reduced expat assignment expenses (perks such as relocation bonuses and hardship allowances), with 56% of respondents reporting increased pressure to cut costs compared to last year. As Linda Wang observed […]

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