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  Last year Hong Kong saw a record number of work visas issued to foreign nationals, with British and Americans employees representing the biggest growth nationalities. Britain’s history with Hong Kong and its larger base of English speakers can account for some of its attraction, but the situation in East Asia is more complicated than […]

As the crisis continues, an increasing number of UK businesses are looking to expand internationally. However, according to a recent Aviva UK study, companies are finding it difficult to offer appropriate benefits packages to their increased number of overseas staff. Teresa Rogers, business lead, Aviva UK Health says, “Relocation is not an easy task and staff […]

Employers are still under pressure to cut expenses for expat assignments, according to Brookfield Global Relocation Services‘ 2011 Global Relocation Trends Survey. 75% of companies reduced expat assignment expenses (perks such as relocation bonuses and hardship allowances), with 56% of respondents reporting increased pressure to cut costs compared to last year. As Linda Wang observed […]

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