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The second decade of this century is more than ever before dominated by international markets and globalisation. The time when the image of going abroad was connected to 18 year old secondary school graduates backpacking Down Under seems to be outdated. Of course they still exist, but working abroad in 2012 has reached another level. […]

A recent issue of The Economist had a picture of a blazing euro-shaped comet on the cover, with big block text asking: IS IT THE END? But when it comes to global hiring, things aren’t quite so grim. Antal International’s most recent Global Snapshot Survey actually found hiring levels above where they were this summer. […]

Singapore could lose its status as a top expat destination as companies become less willing to pay out generous compensation packages. Till now the country has consistently been rated one of the top destinations for expatriates. In fact, in 2010 HSBC’s Expat Explorer Survey ranked it #1 in the world. This year, however, Singapore didn’t […]

The average salary in the Middle East’s real estate sector has fallen only 1% in the last year, from Dhs 38,351 to Dhs 37,965. The results were obtained as part of the Middle East Salary Survey conducted by the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) and Cityscape Connect. It was commissioned by property recruitment consultancy […]

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