TEKpeople is a small, specialist recruiting agency focused on IT professionals both within Ireland and abroad.

Dublin-based software firm TEKenable announced the launch of a specialist recruiting agency, TEKpeople, to mitigate what it sees as a shortage of qualified IT professionals in the Irish market.

Kira Gusakova, a principal consultant for TEKpeople, said:

TEKpeople was set up to address a need in the market we have identified many times: the lack of a specialised recruitment agency for skilled professionals like developers, project managers, software engineers and technical architects; whose recruiters really understand the technology well enough to add value to the recruitment process.

TEKpeople is a small (4-person) firm specializing in sourcing IT professionals both within Ireland and abroad.

Gusakova concluded:

There is still a huge shortage of skills in the market. We are attracting clients from many sectors and are very pleased with the feedback from both the IT professionals and clients.